<Intégrale de Riquet le 7 juillet 2015 Intégrale de Riquet le 7 juillet 2015

Intégrale de Riquet le 7 juillet 2015

Impressions of the
Intégrale de Riquet

* 3 days where time stands still, slowly advancing along the banks of the "Canal du Midi". The canal is a sign from a bygone age, when one took one's time. The time to glide the barges from the Mediterranean sea up to Toulouse, via Capestang and Castelnaudary.

* 3 days during which 25 runners endevoured beneath the roasting sun, with plane trees as their parasols and cicadas as their muses, to reach Toulouse, the "rose-coloured town".

* 3 days of happiness to be on the route, or 3 days on the route to a certain happiness. Each competitor came to find answers to their questions, or to find new ones, but all had the same driving necessity: to go ever forwards.

* 3 days of racing, with, of course, a winner; such is the nature of racing. A winner with the humility of great men : Jean Jacques Moros.

* 3 days on the Intégrale de Riquet, 3 days since I arrived back home, 3 days later but I'm still out there...

Thanks again

François Fouques


"Oh Riquet, si tu savais
Tout le mal que tu nous as fait
Et là haut ou tu étais
Bien rigoler tu devais"

"Oh Riquet, tu nous fais mal
Sous ce cagnard infernal
Heureusement y a les platanes
Et le cigales en récital"

Antoine Pierson